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The wait was long, but topfootballbettingsites.co.uk is finally here. Behind it, is a team of people that have passionately worked to present sports betting information in its most refined form. Meet our pros below!

Callum - Some years ago, I was training to become a professional football player, but an injury decided to put me on a different life path. My love for the game didn’t falter one bit, in fact, I was looking for different ways to be a part of the sport, and this is how I came up with a plan for creating a website that offered detailed insight to online football punters. I am proud to say that my team is made up of like-minded and driven individuals who also love the sport very much!

Olivia - Ever since my dad took my brothers and me to a football game when we were little, I was enamoured from the first time I saw everyone play. That was over 20 years ago! Today, football is pretty much the only sport I care about, and perhaps, this is why I am the Senior Facts Researcher in our team. I am grateful to Callum for providing me with a professional opportunity where I was able to develop my abilities while pursuing my interests. I take a very specific approach when gathering intel, which allows me to rank the R&P (relevance and importance) factors and formulate a successful analysis.

I have to say that at first, my family didn’t understand my growing fascination for the sport over the years (mainly because I am a girl), but when they realized that I’ve managed to turn my interests into a profession, they were more than impressed.

Neil - If we had to measure the “level of fandom” for football in general, I would probably be considered to be last in the office; as a graphics designer and a painter, I am interested in the “fluid form” of all sports. On the other hand, I adore working here not only because I have a chance to showcase my own abilities, but also because I realize that the work we do is very important to the online community of punters.

From someone who didn’t have any interest in sports betting, I developed a pretty good sense of understanding which facts should I take into consideration when making a prediction (thanks, Olivia). Because of my newly-developed fascination with sports betting, I’ve managed to make a series of successful underdog predictions that have won me more than over £2k over the course of a few months!

Elizabeth - As the lead copywriter in our creative team of “misfits”, I have to make sure that all of the information posted on our website is presented in a way that will be understood by punters who are just “entering the game”. The challenge is also not to oversimplify everything to the point that seasoned bettors won’t find what they are looking for.

Luckily, working with colleagues who are as passionate about their craft as I am to mine, is a blessing that makes my job a whole lot easier. No one can deny the quality of our work and the incredible results it yields. I wasn’t even interested in sports when I started working with Callum and the others. Still, when I saw how what we do has actual real-world application, I became passionately interested in sports betting. And yes, I have made a number of successful football match predictions!

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