Even the Greatest Winnings Are Not Worth It Without Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling ensures fair and safe gaming practices are instituted and upheld by betting entities. This concept is enforced by the gambling operators, their regulators, and numerous concerned groups, and it aims to protect customers and various vulnerable groups like minors and problem gamblers.

Our goal is to help you recognise responsible gambling issues and provide guidance towards the respective resources for dealing with them. Moreover, we’ll get you some useful tips on responsible betting in order to improve your overall punting experience.

Recognising the Issue Is the First Step of Solving It

Responsible Gambling

First of all, the legal gambling age in the UK is 18 years, and if anyone younger than this engages in betting, it is considered a crime. If you ever witness such an event feel free to contact the national gambling helpline. You can reach them at 0808 8020 133.

Fraudulent and criminal behaviour is considered another issue of responsible gaming. In the case of online betting, this is addresses by Know Your Customer (KYC). Online betting sites are required to verify the identity of their customers. This measure prevents underage gaming as well.

However, the above issues are mainly dealt with on an organisational and regulatory level. The responsible betting issue that affects punters personally is the problem gambling one. This disorder can have serious consequences for people and their families, so it is of utmost importance to be able to recognise its symptoms.

Five Telling Signs of Problem Gambling

How to Stop Gambling Online

If you believe you or someone close may have a gambling addiction, the best course of action would be to stop for a while. Afterwards, you can determine if the pause in betting has a positive effect and whether there was indeed problem gaming. There are three effective ways to limit gambling: through sportsbooks, support groups, and third-party software.

How Sportsbooks Handle Self-Exclusion

Online betting sites in the UK are required by law to include self-limit and self-exclusion measures within their websites. However, these measures are voluntary, and punters need to apply for them willingly. The actions in question are all visible in the responsible betting sections of websites. These are the most common limit measures:

Here Is How Support Groups and Organisations Assist Problem Gamblers

Three big support groups in the UK deal with problem gambling and provides help and counselling for them: GAMSTOP, GamCare, and Begambleaware.co.uk.

Don’t Hesitate to Try Some Third-Party Software for Assistance

Very often, mere exposure can cause problem gamblers to revert to risqué behaviour, but nowadays, even exposure can be battled with technology. Some programs and apps can limit the access to betting sites or even gambling content on the internet. Check out our FAQ section for some leads on good apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Problem Gambling a Mental Illness?

A: Gambling disorder is a mental illness that involves problematic compulsive behaviour. Affected people are addicted to gambling and show no ability to regulate their behaviour. This results in problems with finances, relationships, and work. Treatment is dependent on the severity of the disorder: from counselling to therapy.

Q: Can I Block Gambling Sites on My Phone?

A: Betting sites can be blocked on phones, tablets, and computers by the use of various programs known as gambling blockers. Most blockers can limit access to betting sites and even content in various platforms like Facebook, Steam, etc.

Q: What Are Responsible Gambling Apps?

A: Responsible gaming apps can be gambling blockers or other software that assist with monitoring problem gaming recovery. The most popular apps include GamBlock, Betfilter, Net Nanny. Other apps that assist with problem betting are Cost2play, MYGU, and Cassava.

Always Be Responsible

As punters, we carry a responsibility to hold ourselves and the industry to high standards. Good mental health and high moral values are instrumental parts of enjoying a wager. Staying responsible equals staying in the game.

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