Fibonacci Betting System - Getting Your Head around the Popular Strategy

In this article, we are going to discuss a popular strategy known as the Fibonacci betting system. It’s a theory that is based on mathematical theory, and there are many strategies that can harness the power of maths to good effect.

We will look at the origin of the Fibonacci betting strategy, and we will apply the formula to specific examples that can be found at any sportsbook. At the end of the review, we’ll summarise the key points and see if this system can work for you.

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How Does Fibonacci System Betting Actually Work?

The Fibonacci betting theory is based on increasing your stake in the event of a loss. Experienced bettors will already be familiar with this type of strategy, and we’ve seen it before in the Martingale system.

Fibonacci, however, works very differently to those other systems and its uniqueness lies in the sequence of numbers. Under Martingale, punters simply double their stakes in the event of a loss with the intention of receiving an overall profit when the bet finally lands. This certainly isn’t the case here, however, as the Fibonacci betting system applies the following sequence of numbers:

Fibonacci numbers

Therefore, if you are unlucky enough to suffer a run of losing bets, you need to follow that sequence in the exact order that we’ve outlined above. Your first stake will be at 1x, followed by 1x again and then you increase by 2x, 3x and so on.

Let’s See the Fibonacci Sports Betting Strategy in Action

We’ve outlined the Fibonacci Sequence, now let’s underline the theory by using some examples. As with similar systems, this is more commonly applied at the online casinos where you can easily find a set of bets that are close to a 50/50 call. Roulette is a great example of this because you can bet on high or low, odd or even or red and black. Forget about the fact that there is at least one zero pocket on the wheel - this is as close to a 50/50 call that you will find in any version of roulette.

Fibonacci Sports Betting Strategy

That helps you to understand the theory behind the process, but we are here to talk about sports betting, so we need to find an equivalent from the football markets. This is quite easy because all top football betting sites will have hundreds of markets available and we just need to find any football bet that is set at Even Money. Find that bet and the Fibonacci sports betting system can be attached to it.

We’ve now found that bet and, as the Fibonacci betting system sequence tells us, we now need to start with one unit stake. For this example, we’re going to keep things very simple, so we’ll kick off by staking £1 on that Even Money bet.

If it lands, brilliant! We collect our £1 profit; take our stake, and we start the process all over again by betting £1 on another Even Money bet. As long as your bet keeps winning, you simply repeat the process.

If, however, there is a loss, you then look back at that sequence of numbers and following the staking pattern shown. In the first instance, there is a need for calm, and you simply repeat the £1 stake. If, however, a second straight loss occurs, you double the stake, and then, a further lost bet will mean that you need to treble the stake to £3. The theory is that you simply follow that sequence of numbers and, as soon as one single bet lands, you have yourself an overall profit.

That’s the theory and practise behind the Fibonacci betting strategy but let’s now see some calculations and judge whether or not they can back things up.

A Fun Maths Lesson

In this section of our Fibonacci betting system review, we’re going to use two different sets of calculations, each of which will involve a run of eight bets. For the first example, there will be a mix of wins and losses while the second example will involve a run of defeats followed by a single win.

Example One:

You Bet Result Profit
£1 at Even Money Wins £1 plus return of £1 stake
£1 at Even Money  Loses No Returns
£1 at Even Money Loses No Returns
£2 at Even Money Wins £2 plus return of £2 stake
£1 at Even Money  Loses No Returns
£1 at Even Money Loses No Returns
£2 at Even Money Wins £2 plus return of £2 stake
£1 at Even Money Wins £1 plus return of £1 stake

Under this example, our total stakes equate to £10. Half of our bets have won, and the other half have lost, which is a reasonable assumption for an Even Money bet. Our betting returns = £6 but we have also received stakes back at £6, so that’s £12 in total making an overall profit of £2.

Let’s now move on to the next example:

You Bet Result Profit
£1 at Even Money Loses No Returns
£1 at Even Money Loses No Returns
£3 at Even Money Loses No Returns
£5 at Even Money Loses No Returns
£8 at Even Money Loses No Returns
£13 at Even Money Loses No Returns
£21 at Even Money Wins £21 plus return of £21 stake

Here we have had seven straight losses followed by one single win, and for an Even Money bet, we would have to be really unlucky for this to happen in real life. Nevertheless, we’ve had to be patient, take our medicine and wait for that one winning bet to land. Remember, it’s all about preparing for every eventually so how did Fibonacci system betting fare at the end of this sequence?

Totalling everything up shows that we had staked a total of £54 and our returns were £42 so we have actually made a loss here. Remember, this is a very unlikely sequence of events, and in all probability, you will have claimed a profit long before that eighth bet had landed. However, this is an honest strategy review, and we have to underline what could happen in very extreme circumstances.

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Where a Fibonacci Sports Betting System Can Be Applied

We’ve already given you some good examples and to round off this review of the Fibonacci betting strategy, we’re going to have a little recap. As we mentioned, the theory largely originated from casino play, and it is still widely used at the roulette and card tables.

We want an Even Money option or as near to that as possible and so, with roulette that would be red or black, odd or even or high/low. The Fibonacci betting strategy can also apply to blackjack where we’re essentially talking about a 50/50 call between the player and the dealer.

In football betting, a Fibonacci can be found anywhere. Let’s say Chelsea are Even Money to beat Spurs or, you’ve found a game between Liverpool and Southampton where Even Money odds can be found in the Both Teams to Score betting.

It doesn’t matter what market you actually find yourself in: As long as the odds involved are Even Money then Fibonacci betting can apply to football matches.

The whole thinking behind the Fibonacci sequence extends far beyond betting, and it dates back over many centuries. It can also apply to music and the laws of nature, and it’s actually quite fascinating to see it in practice in other areas.

Of course, we are only concerned about football betting, and we have now seen the Fibonacci betting system in action. Our second example showed that, while it may not be 100% foolproof, you would have to be extremely unlucky for it not to work, so it’s definitely a system worth checking out for yourself.

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